Glorious Rise

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and the Ebb

is this what it feels like to fall in love? shouldn’t i know by now? when i say it, i do mean it. but words have always been too easy for me. and of course i’m scared, of all that bullshit all relationships eventually bring. it feels different tho and maybe thats a good thing. when i would be so immensely butthurt before, now i catch myself and step out. it feels nice not to care like a psycho. thank you. thank you. 

yes, i still wonder how you’re doing. and the guilt hasn’t stopped flowing. why’d you have to open your damn mouth. why couldn’t you just stay quiet like you always did. no you didn’t have the right and no its not fucking fair. you must think im cruel, that i dont give a flying shit, but i do. of course i do. i want to give you closure. i want to kiss you one more time and tell you that you’ll find someone better. but i cant, and all three of us know why. had you told me before, we probably would still be together. hell, we’d probably be really happy together. but the reality is that you didnt. you waited until it was too late. people always wait until its too fucking late.