Glorious Rise

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and the Ebb

I’m scared im telling you only what you want to hear. Im telling you what i wish i heard when I was in your place. that i’ll always be there for you, ill never leave, that ill always love you. but…i dont know if i can or if i will. that may be what you need to hear right now, but in the long run am i just digging a shit hole? ill be here for you, for as long as i can be. but i cant shake this feeling off that you wont be able to be that solid foundation im trying to be for you..

Sadness was your most loyal friend. When happiness failed you, sadness welcomed you with open arms and gave you a place to stay. But what the fuck did sadness really do for you? sadness told you it was ok to hate yourself, to hate everyone. It made you believe hope was just a foolish idea. It turned off the lights and made you blind. It told you to hurt yourself, to starve yourself, to die slowly and quietly because that was the only thing you were good at. Sadness made happiness the enemy, the lie. Fuck that. Sadness is an asshole. You dont need friends like that.

What do I deserve? Not a lot, but sure I deserve something. Don’t we all? A break, mostly people just deserve a break (give em a break).